BenAddiction Wines

For as long as vines have been cultivated,
wine has been an essential part of celebration, even worship.

Consumed by people
of all origins, cultures and classes,
wine is a staple of life.

Benaddiction is a modern expression of love for the fruit of the vine
and pays homage to its everlasting association to spirituality and celebration.

You could hear it through the grapevine,
this cult of wine is what we call,
a heavenly addiction.


Discover what may be the world’s most eclectic collection of wine,

curated for pleasure and sharing.


Exclusively wines of quality & character.

Celebrated varietals, lovingly grown, vinified and bottled by expert and passionate winemakers.


Always from wine growing regions of excellence.

A selection from the world’s most renowned terroirs as well as from up and coming regions of choice.


Cheerfully presented by charismatic faithful’s.

The lighthearted stories of passionate few who share their love for the treasures they’ve uncovered.

Their humorous blessings signed on every vintage raise a toast in their very own Benaddictions.

Signature Reverend

The Reverend Booker T. Jackson is a man full of spirit — and with a particular love of his New York Chardonnay.

He’s even been known to praise the virtues of the occasional nightly nip. And that’s the Gospel truth.

When the good Reverend gets his congregation up on their feet,

some whisper that it may be the inspiration of his New York Benaddiction.

Medium intensity with fresh fruit dominant characters of apple, pear, and honey; supported by stone fruits notes.

The light sweetness is well balanced by a refreshing acidity and a soft mouth feel,

making an easy-drinking style to enjoy with friends.



Sister Angela gave up some of the finer things in life to become a nun,

but she has no sour grapes — because thank the Good Lord she can still enjoy great wine!

You can find her in the chapel basement, graciously pouring from her secret stock

as she and her Sisters raise a toast in their nightly Benaddiction.

Aromas of cedar box, dried tobacco leaves and mission fig

lead to flavors of black cherries and sugar plums with a hint of vanilla.

Signature Rabbi Jacob

Rabbi Jacob has great respect for his Bordeaux heritage,

where his ancestors worked the vineyards as far back as the 6th century.

On trips to the vines he likes to sample the fruit and stuff his pockets full of ripe Merlot grapes.

The rabbi won’t leave for home without a case or two of his favorite wine

in anticipation of his next delectable Benaddiction.

From the birthplace of Merlot and arguably the world’s best terroir, re-discover Merlot in its full glory.

Signature Padre

Padre Santino loves to tip his glass to the blessings of the Mendoza region — from the Río Grande

to the Malbec vineyards way up in the foothills of the Andes.

Sometimes their miracles are so great he’s called to sip right from the bottle.

The man known as the “little saint” loves to sing the praises of the vintage gem,

inviting everyone around to join him in his spirited Benaddiction.

Malbec is Argentina’s greatest grape.

Brilliant ruby red color with attractive aromas of rich red and black fruits on the nose.

Great fruit and balance in the mouth with a long and lingering finish. A great wine!

Signature Friar Andres

Friar Andrés is a simple man with simple pleasures.

On any given day you can find him roaming the hills of Cariñena greeting the devoted

or enjoying a meal and a tipple of the region’s rare Syrah.

If ever you meet him on his pilgrimage, be sure to ask for a blessing — and a sip

from the bottle he keeps tucked in his frock for just such a Benaddiction.

Aged for 6 months in French and American barrels.

This easy drinking red has dark cherry flavors and soft tannins with hint of spice.

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